Keltbray has successfully completed the first phase of the main demolition work at London Bridge Station. This work is part of Keltbray’s £25 million contract for Costain and Network Rail to create an improved and more spacious station for passengers with more frequent and reliable Thameslink train services by 2018.

More specifically, Network Rail’s plans involve improvements to the rail infrastructure around the station, a vast new concourse that is bigger than the pitch at Wembley and two new station entrances at street level.

During the first phase Keltbray had over 100 people working on the demolition of three platforms and 12 existing brick viaducts. This work was carried out whilst causing minimal disruption to neighbours, passengers and allowed the continued operation of trains.

Keltbray Project Manager on site, Nick Smith, said: “Our biggest technical challenge was to ensure the stability of the remaining structures during the demolition process. We solved this through the installation of temporary works including a gravity concrete retaining wall to support the live platforms and tracks. Four machines worked simultaneously along a 150 metre long face to progressively demolish the arches in 1.5-metre strips. Maintaining this sequence was essential to avoid an uncontrolled collapse. During the works over 25,000 tonnes of material was removed from site with wagon movements peaking at over 150 loads per day.”

At London Bridge all parties on site are working to BS 11000 Collaborative Business Relationships. According to Nick, this has facilitated a stronger joint working approach that has been instrumental in completing the first phase early: “Working to BS 11000 on this contract promotes team work and enables us to work more democratically with Costain, Network Rail and other parties on site to ensure we focus on mutual benefit and optimise efficiency,” he said.

Keltbray has contributed positively to the good health and safety record on site by running cycle safety events for the public. The company has also run training for Costain, including asbestos and plant awareness courses, the latter of which saw more than 200 people attending over a three-day period.

In terms of environmental solutions, Keltbray is deploying only low emission vehicles on site as well as state of the art plant which feature low sulphur diesel engines to further minimise emissions.

About Keltbray’s performance, Costain’s Project Director Mark Howard said: “I am pleased to say that Keltbray has successfully completed the first stage of the complex arch demolition. They have demonstrated their commitment to deliver, have a ‘can do’ attitude with a positive safety culture and display the right behaviours to succeed within a collaborative environment.

“Keltbray is a strong supporter of our zero tolerance approach to vehicle safety compliance, where we only allow delivery vehicles onto site that are fitted with safety equipment which reduces the risk to London’s cyclists.


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