Keltbray, which is a UK leader in specialist engineering, construction and decommissioning services, today launched a new business venture, Keltbray Remediation, with immediate effect. This is a strategic move to extend the company’s recycling and material management offering by providing a dedicated and more comprehensive service to manage and remediate brownfield sites within the industrial and residential sector, including construction sites and former landfills to facilitate new developments.

It is envisaged that Keltbray Remediation will bring in new clients, and provide organic growth and cross fertilisation between Keltbray Group’s service disciplines. By handling complex remediation issues on site, Keltbray Remediation will help bring down transportation costs and minimise the carbon footprint associated with material handling. Keltbray also sees this business as playing a key role in meeting the ever increasing pressures to improve waste recovery levels.

While Keltbray’s recycle rates from demolition and civil engineering contracts regularly exceed 90%, and the company offers soil treatment facilities to transform technically poor and contaminated soils into clean, inert materials, Keltbray Remediation represents an expansion of these recycling and recovery services for clients.

Keltbray Remediation is a division of Keltbray Environmental Management, which is headed up by Managing Director, David Jenner: “Keltbray first turned construction waste recycling and recovery into a standalone business in 2010. Since then, we have been able to offer tailor made ways of treating waste and contamination issues using physical separation, chemical or biological treatment. With Keltbray Remediation, we will be able to manage large-scale contaminated sites from inception to completion, and take this commercial offering a step further, by providing larger scale services that manage excavation and the processing of waste and ‘hotspot’ remediation on site. This will include the remediation of old landfills and the treatment of heavy metals and fuel or groundwater contamination and control on brownfield sites to facilitate new developments, such as housing,” he said.

This new business venture is headed up by Operations Director, Joe Jackson, who has extensive experience from environmental consultancy and land remediation. He will help grow this offering from Keltbray, and ensure the company provides new and existing customers with integrated and more sustainable ways to meet their needs.


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