Keltbray Electrification Plant, which is part of Keltbray Group and provides electrification services for the rail industry, has launched a new venture, which will provide electrification plant, tools and access and welfare equipment for hire to rail clients.
In the past two years, Keltbray has invested more than £8 million in state of the art rail plant and equipment. As a result, the company owns one of the largest road rail vehicle fleets in the UK, which now counts nearly 100 vehicles, and views this new hire venture as a natural development of its strategic capabilities in the rail sector.
Director of Keltbray Rail Electrification, Martin Brown, said: “We see this new venture as an added way of providing value to our customers.  Our equipment is user-friendly and boasts the latest safety and environmental features, such as state of the art control systems and a higher level of comfort for drivers and passengers. It is serviced by our own expert fitters and repairers, and by giving our clients access to this modern and well maintained equipment, we are also maximising our fleet and equipment utilisation, so everybody wins. The new venture will provide growth within our apprentice programme, generating opportunities for locally sourced school leavers.”
Keltbray Electrification Hire Services will provide the following equipment rental to clients across the UK from its base in Crewe:
•  Specialists in Overhead Line Electrification Tooling and Road Rail Machinery
•  Isolation Equipment – Such as Live Line Testers and G-Clamps
•  Bonding Equipment – Such as Cembre Rail Drills and Crimping Tools
•  Lifting & Wiring – Such as Pull Lifts and Slings
•  Access & Welfare – Such as Lighting, cabins and barriers.
Keltbray’s activities are based on putting customer needs first; and so as part of the hire service, the company will also provide nationwide support services with a 24 hour response, seven days a week.
With more than 370 employees, including 38 apprentices and many more subcontractors based out of Crewe, which is often referred to as the cradle of the railway industry, Keltbray is already a significant contributor to the local economy in Cheshire. The company decided to also base the hire service here, where it sees it as being well positioned with regards to the rail network and providing nationwide coverage, and where it is also able to tap into local skills and expertise. Keltbray also operates electrification services out of Basildon in Essex and Newport in South Wales.
“This new rentals business is very much an extension of our aim to offer innovative services, add value and providing excellent customer service. It is geared towards a range of our clients’ needs, from supporting their routine plant maintenance to special projects that require power, welding, lifting, material handling or welfare equipment,” concludes Martin Brown.
More information
The picture shows from left to right:  The Mayor of Cheshire East Council, Councillor Wesley Fitzgerald, Director of Keltbray Rail Electrification, Martin Brown and Edward Timpson, MP for Crewe and Nantwich
For more information, please contact Keltbray’s head of communications, Marit Meyer-Bell, on tel. 0786 765 3392 or by email to [email protected]
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