Keltbray has facilitated the transfer of more than 40 plants from Earls Court, where the company is currently undertaking demolition works for Capco, to Marcus Garvey Park Community Garden, where they have now been replanted.

Marcus Garvey Park Community Garden is situated two miles down the road from Earls Court, near Olympia, and lies squeezed in between busy streets, schools and residential housing. Following years of neglect, vandalism and anti-social behaviour, keen and passionate gardener Sean Adamson picked up the challenge in 2012 to improve the area and drive it forward as a community project.

With support from the Hammersmith Community Gardens Association, an active Facebook page, liaison with local schools and residents, local people have come together for regular gardening days to transform the garden into a valued green space for the local community.

Sean, who is now Chairman of Friends of Marcus Garvey Park, explained: “We are grateful to Keltbray for enabling us to reuse the plants, which included cordylines, lavender, cistus, buxus, privet, yucca, hebes and bluebells. We would also like to thank Keltbray for helping us to safely remove the plants from site. They were so helpful, and just kept on going through the rain to dig up some pretty difficult plants!

“Until now we only had one foot tall plants in the garden. Thanks to your help we now have some that are up to six feet tall, and so already the truckload of plants from Earls Court have made a huge visual impact. Many local residents have now come to see Marcus Garvey Park as their ‘back garden’ and so this kind of improvement means a lot to those that visit on a regular basis.”


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For more information, please contact Keltbray’s head of communications, Marit Meyer-Bell, on tel. 0786 765 3392 or by email to [email protected]


The picture shows Keltbray’s Andrian Andreev (pictured left) and Ervis Sala (pictured right). More pictures are available via this link:

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