Keltbray, which is a UK leading specialist business, which offers engineering, construction, demolition, decommissioning, remediation, rail and environmental services, has published its second sustainable development report. In this edition the company outlines how it has built upon last year’s performance, and measure up against the targets set previously. This new report also outlines the economic, social and environmental targets for 2015.

Amongst the highlights was Keltbray’s halving of its RIDDOR Frequency Rate to 0.10, the delivery of more than 42,000 training hours, a 43% growth in apprenticeships, internships and traineeships, the provision of training for more than 350 long-term unemployed and the saving of 10,000 lorry loads by barging materials in London. This is against a backdrop of a 50% increase in turnover.

Chief Executive Officer of Keltbray Group, Brendan Kerr, said: “I’m immensely proud that we have managed to grow the business by investing record amounts in sustainable solutions, new plant and assets, and by bolstering our human resources and training functions to manage our future skills and labour requirements effectively.

“Sustainability has now firmly been established as an integral part of our Group strategy, and our goal is to continuously strive to improve our performance in the area with the help of behaviour change and innovation.”

The report is available online on the home page of Keltbray’s website, at


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