Esher 17 November 2015: At the 2015 Green World Awards held in New Zealand, Keltbray was crowned Green World Champion in the Building & Construction category for its commitment to environmental best practice for works carried out at two London sites, including a Gold Award for Mitre Square, and a Silver Award for Chelsea Barracks.

“For our work at Mitre Square we were awarded a Green World Gold Award for achieving 97% waste recycling figures, and by pioneering the Casella real-time noise and dust monitoring system. At Chelsea Barracks we won a Green World Silver Award for saving energy and reducing carbon generation on site,” explained Environmental Manager for Keltbray Group, Altin Lleshi.

These awards, which date back to 1994, have become one of the world’s most prestigious recognition campaigns, and were launched as the top tier of the Green Apple Awards. They are presented by The Green Organisation, which is an international, independent, non-profit, non-political, non-activist environment group, to recognise, reward and promote environmental best practice by companies, organisations and Governments around the world.

At the 2015 Green Apple Awards ceremony at the Houses of Parliament in London, Keltbray won two further environmental awards:

  1. A Gold Green Apple award was presented to Keltbray for its demolition and enabling works at Victoria Circle in London, where the overall environmental performance of the project was optimised through the re-use of 53,000 tonnes of demolition material in the latter project stages; to backfill the basements and in the construction of piling mats. “This eliminated waste to landfill, saved 5,400 vehicle movements and the associated carbon emissions, and eased congestion in this already busy area of London,” said Altin.
  1. Keltbray also won a Bronze Green Apple award for works undertaken at BBC Television Centre, also in London, where the company has implemented a software tool (SMARTWaste) to streamline environmental reporting. The result is better recording, a reduction in waste and an optimisation of operational resources. The success on this project has helped to bread best practice and extend the use of SMARTWaste across Keltbray’s divisions.

Keltbray Group’s Managing Director, John Price said: “At Keltbray we aim to balance our economic achievements with a contribution to society and the environment. We are therefore honoured to have won these prestigious Green Champion Awards, which demonstrate that waste reduction and improved resource efficiency have now become integral to the way we operate.”


For more information, please contact Keltbray Group’s Head of Communications, Marit Meyer-Bell, by email to [email protected] or telephone 0786 765 3392