20 October 2016: Spare a thought for the more than 20 of our people from across the Group who have volunteered to help transform 2000 Community Action Centre in Deptford today. As part of our commitment to the communities in which we work, our volunteers have joined forces with Lendlease to spruce up the community centre, which is located near The Timberyard, where Keltbray Remediation secured its biggest ever contract earlier this year.

The 2000 Community Action Centre provides a wide variety of services, facilities and activities and is a real local hub for people of all ages in the nearby Pepys Estate and surrounding area. “It was in desperate need of a make-over, and so our volunteers spent the morning washing down the walls, removing carpets and clearing furniture, so that the afternoon could be devoted to painting.

“We are really pleased with the turnout for this event, and even more pleased people from so many different areas of the business, including Rail, Piling, Remediation, Demolition & Civil Engineering and the Group functions wanted to join in. They are doing a fantastic job!” explained Development Manager for Keltbray Training, Claire Coombs, who initiated the event.

At The Timberyard , which is a development by Lendlease with planning consent for more than 900 homes and 158,000 square feet of commercial space across a 4.5 hectare brownfield site, Keltbray is providing asbestos management, demolition and remediation services until 2019. Following removal of hazardous materials including asbestos, the buildings on site have now been demolished to ground level to facilitate remediation across the site, to address land contamination arising from the sites industrial past and to restore its condition to render it suitable for the proposed development.

For more information, see Keltbray Remediation Timberyard Newsletter, August 2016