Esher 11 May 2017: When Steph @steph_tat appealed to Keltbray on Twitter yesterday to help us find ‘a wonderful stranger called Tommy’ to thank him for ‘saving her from an aggressive, psychopathic commuter at Liverpool Station’, we were determined to find her hero and forwarded her appeal via Twitter, Facebook and Keltbray’s Intranet.

Steph had been accosted at Liverpool Station in the evening rush hour, after accidently bumping into the aggressive commuter on an escalator while running to catch her train. After verbally abusing her, the commuter followed her into her tube carriage and threatened to ‘cut her up’.

Luckily, our construction worker ‘Tommy’, who we have now identified as our Machine Driver Tommy Gilboy (pictured), who works at The Stage where Keltbray is currently working for Multiplex, was behind her. He had noticed the commotion and confronted the commuter. And, when the commuter wouldn’t let go of Steph, Tommy decided to follow Steph on board the tube even though he was heading in a different direction. He accompanied Steph up to the ticket office at Oxford Street, where a representative from the Transport Police took over and escorted a shaken Steph to her final destination.

“The commuter, who said he was from New York, was small compared to me, but he called her all sorts of names and was really aggressive. Steph was clearly very shaken, and so I just did what I think anyone in my place would have done,” explains Tommy.

We’re not so sure about that, and think Tommy is a hero for acting the way he did. Sheph agrees, and is very grateful to Tommy for staying with her and said: “Tommy stepped in to save me. The world needs more Tommys!”


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