Keltbray Group, a leading UK specialist business that offers engineering, construction, demolition, decommissioning, remediation, rail, power transmission & distribution, reinforced concrete structures and environmental services, today announces its Gender Pay Gap results for 2018.

Gender Pay Gap reporting is a requirement of all companies with 250 or more employees, and shows how men and women’s average pay compares across the organisation.

The full Gender Pay Gap Report 2018 shows:

-Keltbray’s mean hourly rate gap – the difference between the average hourly rate received by its male workforce and female workforce – has decreased by over 2% compared with last year

-The mean bonus gap – the difference between the average bonus payment received by the male staff and female staff – has decreased by over 2.5%

-The company has seen an approximately 3% rise in the number of women in both the second and the top pay quartiles.

Commenting on the results, Brendan Kerr, CEO of Keltbray, said, “We welcome the opportunity to share our gender pay gap report again this year because we want to hold ourselves to account on our inclusion performance, and gender is an important part of this. I am delighted to note that we have seen progress in the majority of the metrics included in this report, but equally realise we still have a long way to go.

“We have historically been part of a very male dominated industry and we recognise that change will take time. However, we believe that our culture and ethos is creating a place where women can succeed and thrive and therefore, we expect our gender pay gap to continue to narrow.”

For Keltbray’s new HR Director, Kyla Farmer, who joined the company in October 2018, one of the first priorities is to create a more coherent Inclusion Strategy for the Group. Kyla said: “I believe in the link between diversity and success and so I am passionately committed to furthering this agenda in Keltbray. To help me build a more coherent Inclusion Strategy my team have started interviewing a number of people within the business at all levels, to understand what more we can do attract and retain people from all backgrounds and communities.

“In particular, we are planning to review our flexible working and family friendly policies, as within the industry this is often seen as a barrier to progression in operational roles. As a working parent myself I recognise the challenge of balancing a career and a family life but I strongly believe it is possible. We are looking at a number of options on how to innovate in this area at Keltbray.”