Keltbray Group has been named as the top European demolition specialist in the Demolition and Recycling International 100 list in 2019.

The D&Ri Top 100 is a prestigious international contractors league table (the Forbes list of the industry) that looks at the leading contractors by turnover. With a combined turnover of more than US$6.4 billion, it is a huge accomplishment for Keltbray.

Indeed, for two years in a row, Keltbray has ranked 1st place in the Top 20 Contractor Companies in Europe. This year, Keltbray was named the second best contractor in the world, with an incredible turnover of £420M.

Keltbray has been entrusted with over £1bn of repeat business in the last six years, accredited to its ability of “meeting clients’ needs” and maintaining “a good relationship” with said clients.

Expressing his delight, Keltbray’s CEO Brendan Kerr said, “This D&Ri Top 100 is an international league table, and yet again demonstrates that we are at the peak of the deconstruction engineering industry; second only to a big US corporate and well above the rest of the pack. I remain immensely proud of the way in which the original core activities of this Group continue to perform to the highest standards, allowing clients to award us their more challenging and complex projects. Well done and a big thank you to everyone involved”.