At Keltbray we continuously strive to reduce our environmental impact and as our HGV Fleet accounts for a significant portion of this, we’ve taken big steps to reduce it.

As well as upgrading all of our fleet to EURO 6 Engines, we’ve started a tournament for our HGV drivers to incentivise them to review their driving style and become more fuel efficient.

How is an efficient driving style measured?

  • Speed control – Based on how much of the time the driver has driven above the limit set for the vehicle during a period
  • Idling – how much of the time the driver has been in idling mode
  • Coasting – based on the amount of time the vehicles has been coasting without the driver applying the accelerator
  • Driving with Cruise Control – the amount of time the driver has used cruise control
  • Anticipation – based on driving points from Scania Driver Support and the number of brake applications and accelerations close to each other the driver has made
  • Hill driving – based on how the driver has driven in hilly environments

Our fuel efficiency tournament launched in July with the prize of £250 in vouchers available for the individual recording the highest improvement each month. That incentive has clearly worked as we’ve seen fantastic results already.

In the first month of the tournament, we saw an overall improvement of 1.6% more miles per gallon (mpg) with one driver having an improvement (mpg) of 10.9%.  This fuel efficient driving, based on the number of miles driven in June, would have equated to a saving of £10,684 for the month.

In August, another driver improved his mpg by 11.41% and we’re expecting another great improvement for September too.

This is just one of many schemes that Keltbray is running to reduce its impact on the environment, led by our Keltbray Environmental team.