To celebrate National Apprenticeship Week 2023, we take the chance to sit down with a number of our apprentices to discuss how apprenticeships work for them.

Today we spoke with Emma Hinch, who is currently undertaking her Level 4 apprenticeship in Civil Engineering.

“Before joining Keltbray I was looking for a company to work for whilst continuing my existing apprenticeship. A friend at my college informed me about the opportunities available at Keltbray and said they offer great support to develop whilst continuing my apprenticeship. I also knew that I wanted a more hands-on experience rather than going to university.

As part of my job role at Keltbray I work alongside the Engineering team. I help complete permits, go out on site, set out any information needs, explain to operatives’ what’s needed, do checks on surveying equipment to ensure its all running okay, complete surveys for services or as-builds and I make sure I’ve read the specification on the work we are doing to ensure it is all done correctly. I also get involved with client and residents to ensure they are happy and satisfied with what we are doing and ensure we are not disturbing them when working in the built-up areas.

Once I have completed my apprenticeship I would like to continue to learn and gain more knowledge and confidence and then eventually move to senior engineer and continue to progress in my career. I would like to stay with Keltbray to get to this stage in my career. I would also like to get chartership through the ICE.”

The most important piece of advice I can offer is when you join the industry, join it with an open mind, there are so many different apprenticeships available to do within construction, it’s not all about being out on being sites which when I started I though that’s what it was about, there are so many options and just because one apprenticeship doesn’t suit doesn’t mean another won’t.”


Emma Hinch

Level 4 Civil Engineering apprentice at Keltbray