In 2020 Keltbray entered a supply agreement with Powerday, a leader in recycling and waste management in London, to manage waste resulting from our operations.

Looking back at 2022 data, we are happy to announce that 100% of non-hazardous waste (>99.5% including hazardous waste streams) sent to Powerday, was diverted from landfill, in line with Keltbray’s Environmental Policy.

As well as ensuring diversion from landfill, our ambitions are focussed on keeping materials in use, favouring recycling over recovery, in line with the waste hierarchy. Powerday’s materials recovery facilities enabled a high rate of recovery for materials, with 63% of waste from Keltbray going on to be recycled.



Technology at Powerday’s facilities start by sorting materials based on their weight and other characteristics to help achieve maximum waste segregation levels.

Once segregated more specific treatment is applied to each of the streams. For example, waste concrete is crushed and graded to technical specifications for reuse as aggregate, and metal is sorted into different grades.

Any clean wood waste not suitable for reuse is chipped and used for composite panel board production whilst all other mixed grade wood is chipped and used for biomass fuels generating CO2 neutral energy to power homes, reducing CO2e emissions.

As a last step in the process, residual waste, in the form of fragments of paper, plastics and mixed packaging materials, is often left over. This highly calorific, non-recyclable waste is processed into refuse derived fuel (RDF), ensuring zero non-hazardous waste going to landfill and being used to maximum energetic benefit instead.

The agreement with Powerday contributes to our environmental and carbon targets. Access to Powerday’s waste management portal provides real-time information for specific sites, detailed reports on waste management as well as access to supporting documentation. This improves accuracy of waste management data and supports Keltbray’s sustainability ambitions by helping us manage resources more efficiently.




About Powerday

Powerday are credible members of many logistics and industrial associations, such as the Wood Recyclers Association, the Social Value Portal, and FORS & CLOCS schemes. They are leaders in the UK’s waste management market and have the necessary nationwide resources, technology, and capacity to meet the high standards and compliance an organisation should expect to support its works operations across the group.


About Keltbray

Keltbray is a leading UK specialist engineering and construction services business. Our purpose, ‘To redefine the way sustainable development is delivered’, embodies the commitments we take to support everything we do. From the people we support, the company we sustain, the local communities we work in, the industry in which we thrive and the planet we live in. We are PAS 2080 & ISO14001:2015 certified and signatories to The Climate Pledge, working towards net-zero carbon operations by 2040 across built environment and infrastructure.