Keltbray is on its way to achieve Net-Zero emissions by 2040 by reducing fuel consumption across all its sites. In 2019, Keltbray introduced its fuel saving tournament, which was so successful that HS2 used it as an example of good practice across all its sites.

Reducing idling time is one of the measures that Keltbray has implemented to reduce fuel consumption. Idling not only wastes fuel but also contributes to air pollution, which can be harmful to drivers, outdoor workers, and the public.

In 2022, the second fuel saving tournament ended with positive results, showing a general reduction of idling time from an industry average of 40% down to 32%. This translates to a saving of around £60,000 worth of fuel, 13,000 hours of engine life spared, and a reduced carbon footprint by 109 tCO2e.

Keltbray incentivized its drivers to reduce idling time by awarding the best driver on each site with Amazon vouchers every quarter. At the end of the year, the company awarded the two best drivers across all its sites with a grand prize. These two drivers reduced their idling time to less than 20% for the entire year.

Keltbray would like to congratulate Mr. Valeriy Ivanov from HS2 Maria Fidelis, who placed first in the fuel saving tournament, and Mr. Sarbjit Singh from HS2 C1 Shafts project, who came second. The company also awarded the team at Doggerbank in Yorkshire with vouchers for their end-of-year Christmas party for having the best anti-idling performance.

Reducing fuel consumption is just one of the many steps that Keltbray is taking to achieve its Net-Zero emissions goal by 2040. We are committed to implementing sustainable practices across all our operations and are constantly seeking ways to improve our environmental performance. Keltbray would like to thank all those who were involved in the fuel saving tournament and hopes that they will continue to work towards reducing fuel consumption and promoting sustainability.