Keltbray, the UK’s leading specialist in construction engineering and infrastructure services, is proud to present its work on the 2 Aldermanbury Square (2AS) project on behalf of our client, Great Portland Estates (GPE). This project stands as a testament to our commitment to sustainability in the demolition and civil engineering industry, demonstrating a profound shift towards embracing diverse value streams in project delivery.


GPE Brief, Specifications, and Sustainability Standards

Situated in the City of London, this project encompassed a spectrum of tasks, including soft strip demolition, structural deconstruction, and temporary works, culminating in sub/superstructure reinforced concrete frameworks for GPE.

Sustainability remained central to this endeavour, with GPE’s resolute ambition to operate within the principles of a circular economy, aiming to divert at least 98% of operational waste away from landfills. Furthermore, GPE outlined specific social sustainability targets, encompassing local employment, apprenticeships, work experiences, community engagement, and support for the homeless.


Waste Management and Circular Economy Advancements

Resource efficiency took the spotlight in this project, with a keen focus on providing a circular economy. The pre-demolition phase highlighted the dedication to reusing various components, ranging from soft furnishings to core structures.

An impressive 98.93% of non-hazardous waste was diverted from landfills by utilising Powerday’s waste transfer service and Keltbray’s waste transfer facility at Plaistow Wharf.


Keltbray and Powerday Achieve Zero Waste to landfill in 2022

Keltbray supports circularity at its waste facility in London


The works at 2AS saw the dismantling of over c. 1500 tonnes of steel from the existing core structures, with the total being assessed and viable for reuse within the GPE portfolio or in the wider industry.


Noteworthy circular economy achievements include:

  • c. 1500 tonnes of steel dismantled and viable for reinstallation, preserving 2,430,420 kgCO2e
  • 22,032 raised access floor tiles sent for processing and direct reuse, saving 3346.6 kgCO2­e
  • 5100 carpet tiles reused in exhibitions and later donated to charity, saving 67,983 kgCO2­e
  • 6 lift units, in full working order, designated for a test rig before new deployment
  • 50m2 of Amtico flooring donated to Woodford Town FC
  • Planters and plants found new homes in Waterloo Millennium Green Park
  • 70 bike racks, 55 planned for donation with 15 retained on site


*The final destinations for these circular economy achievements remain undisclosed due to contractual agreements.


To provide context, the total estimated emissions saved from the reuse of the steel structures, floor tiles and carpet tiles are equivalent to the emissions produced from driving an average petrol-powered car for 6,413,357 miles. These emissions reductions are justified by the avoidance of producing new structures from raw materials and the diversion of conventional waste management routes, such as recycling.

Additionally, 300 tonnes of temporary works prop systems were reused from existing Keltbray projects to be used on 2 Aldermanbury saving a further 13,275 tonnes of CO2e. Since being removed from 2AS they are now back in storage ready to be certified for yet another reuse.

Based on factors of 1.77kgCO2/kg this equates to 13,275 tonnes of CO2e from the procurement of new props (750,000kgX1.77).


Temporary works prop systems held in storage at Keltbray’s Plant and Equipment Yard


Data Reporting

Keltbray, at the request of GPE, provided comprehensive data sets covering energy, fuel, water consumption, transport, waste, and materials. A newly upgraded reporting system allowed for precise tracking and analysis, incorporating industry-standard carbon factors to calculate the carbon footprint for each component.


Screenshot of Keltbray’s PowerBI dashboard showing materials reporting for 2 Aldermanbury Sq.


Engineering Excellence

The 2AS project showcased engineering excellence through the meticulous dismantling and reuse of existing steel structures. Collaborating with Elliott Wood, all steel beams were assessed, sized for reuse, and stored safely awaiting transport for processing. This logistical feat was expertly executed, emphasising safety and expertise.


The life of a steel beam


Steel beam being removed through burning in preparation of lift


Steel beam after extraction lifted and guided to storage area on site


Keltbray worker guiding and releasing steel structure from crane


Close up of steel structures ready to be transported for processing


Steel beams being transported off site for assessment


Delivering Social Value

Keltbray’s dedicated social value team closely collaborated with project stakeholders to implement social sustainability initiatives. This included the creation of 8 local job opportunities, 4 apprenticeship placements, and 13 community engagement activities. Partnerships with organisations like Southwark Skills Centre and Centre Point further supported career pathways and local employment opportunities.


Keltbray projects host Open Doors 2023


Group photo from 2AS Open Doors event



The project has already earned recognition, securing a gold award in the City of London’s Considerate Contractors Scheme. This achievement reflects the efficient completion of the project and the evolving landscape of client expectations.


It’s gold for 2 Aldermanbury Square!

City of London – Considerate Contractor Scheme Awards


“Aldermanbury Square has been recognized, and for good reason. We are proud of the efficient project delivery and the positive impact we have made on our communities, from charities to apprentices and students. This project offers a remarkable opportunity for newcomers and industry veterans alike.” – Gareth Acres, Project Manager for 2AS, Keltbray.

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