On Tuesday 26th September 2023, we hosted our inaugural Graduate Programme Welcome Day in the heart of Nottingham City Centre. Orchestrated by our Early Careers colleagues, Louise Cunningham and Gerry O’Rourke, the day was designed to provide our new graduates with an interactive platform to not only connect with each other but also to learn more about our organisation’s ethos, values, and future vision.

The day featured a range of expert insights and group activities that encouraged collaboration and offered practical insights into our corporate culture. These interactive sessions were not just fun but also insightful, ensuring that everyone could understand the fundamentals that drive our success.

Our expert insights kicked off with a welcome message from our CEO, Darren James, setting the stage for the journey that awaits our new talent over the next two years.

The next presentation came from Tim Lohmann, Director of Strategic Engineering. Tim presented a sweeping overview of our business landscape, detailing our past achievements, current initiatives, and future ambitions. He also explained the tangible benefits that our Graduate Programme offers.

Jamie Parkes, Group Social Sustainability Manager followed soon after. Jamie delved into the critical subject of social value and sustainability, emphasising its importance in our strategic planning and day-to-day operations.

Next, Kirsty Antcliffe, Senior Quantity Surveyor, provided a personal touch to the day by sharing her own professional journey at Keltbray. She talked about the many opportunities that the company offers for personal growth and career development.

Damini Sharma, CEO of the OM Group shed light on a vital component of our Graduate Programme, the focus on mentoring skills. She detailed the training course our graduates will undergo, designed to equip them with the skills required for effective mentoring in the workplace. This aspect is particularly significant as our first-year graduates will transition into being second-year buddies for the new intake, enhancing the programme’s peer-to-peer support structure.

Finally, James Dawson, Head of Learning and Development, concluded the day by providing a comprehensive summary of the programme. He outlined the many benefits that the programme offers, touching on everything from skill development and networking opportunities to the personalised support structure in place.

The day was filled with networking and learning and the interactive nature of the event offered our new graduates a unique opportunity to ask questions and understand the exciting possibilities of building a fulfilling career with Keltbray.

We are excited to see where this journey will take our graduates and how they will contribute to our ongoing success.

Thank you to everyone who made this day a resounding success.

For further information or queries about the Graduate Programme, please feel free to reach out to our Learning and Development team [email protected]

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