Keltbray are pleased to have been a part of this year’s London Build Expo. Below are some key takeaways from our involvement through panel discussions by some of our captivating thought leaders:


Jamie Parkes on Sustainable Communities

Engagement isn’t just a word for Keltbray; it’s a commitment. Our proactive community involvement focuses on sustainable employment for local residents, fostering relationships within London boroughs, and creating advocates within communities. Keltbray’s work with ex-offenders exemplifies our inclusive approach, making a real impact beyond construction.


Holly Price’s Insights on a Sustainable Skyline Taskforce

Holly Price emphasized the imperative of ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance) practices and highlighted the need to diversify the construction workforce. Addressing the ethnic pay gap and promoting EDI (Equality, Diversity, and Inclusion) brings not only societal benefits but also a compelling case for sustained industry growth.


Initiatives and Challenges

The industry faces a wealth of information and initiatives, sometimes leading to information overload. There’s a need for better clarity and streamlined communication to guide individuals considering careers in construction. Bringing sustainability professionals into communities and measuring performance through data collection are crucial steps.


Kiro Tamer’s Circular Economy Vision

Kiro’s insights transcended beyond carbon reduction, envisioning a circular economy in construction by 2050. Materials passports and the concept of London as a materials bank, opens doors for sustainable practices. Learning from other industries like textiles and enhancing supply chain engagement early in projects are keys to success.


Collective Actions for Change

The call for collective action was loud and clear. Businesses need to introspect and align with the triple bottom line—people, planet, profit. Understanding local impacts, creating optimal work environments, and fostering collaboration at every stage of construction.


Key Challenges and Solutions

Addressing challenges requires a multifaceted approach: integrating circular economy principles in contracts, educating design teams, utilising platforms like Globechain, and working closely with policymakers like the GLA. Metrics creation, reports, and handbooks are essential tools in this transformative journey.


Sustainability in numbers

Kiro also contributed to a panel discussion emphasising the crucial role of accurate sustainability data, its pitfalls, tools for collection, collaboration’s significance, and industry-standard practices in steering construction towards a net-zero future.


London Build Expo 2023 has set the stage for a more inclusive, sustainable, and innovative construction industry. Let’s keep collaborating, learning, and building a better tomorrow, one sustainable brick at a time!


The aspirations are ambitious yet achievable—genuine visibility of diverse workforces, collaborations driving change, and investments promoting sustainability. Making tangible progress, creating value, and reimagining the future of construction.