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Working together to make a difference

Each year, Keltbray chooses one charity to which it will dedicate its support. Our current charity is the Teenage Cancer Trust which provides funds for expert treatment and support for the millions of 13- 24 year olds in the UK living with cancer.

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“Every day, seven young people are diagnosed with cancer in the UK. We must do all we can to support them and their families."
Paul Deacy, Group Board Director and Head of the Foundation


As part of our commitment to the communities in which we work, Keltbray’s support for volunteering dates back to 2015. From cleaning, painting, gardening and even free hazardous waste removal, we're willing to do our bit to help others.

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“Just a word of the highest appreciation for the work of your team last week at the home on Stonebanks. It was a rather wonderful thing for Keltbray to have done.”
Support coordinator

Building Bridges in Malawi

Keltbray has even travelled to Malawi to provide engineering
support and complete the ‘Bridge to Kapeya’ which was washed away during floods in 2016. Restoration of the bridge was vital to restore the community’s basic quality of life at Smile Malawi Children’s Orphanage.

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“Over the six days we were there, we achieved all we had set out to achieve, despite challenging conditions. The experience was humbling and rewarding."
Mark Carroll, Head of Rail

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