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Our culture of innovation

Keltbray is uniquely equipped to handle the most complex of projects thanks to its focus on innovation, delivered by long-term investment in technology and personnel, broad and deep in-house expertise, and a forward-thinking attitude.

Our commitment to sustainability

Keltbray’s goal is to make a positive contribution to the world we live and work in. We align our sustainability and commercial targets to carry out our work in the most environmentally friendly way possible.

Our agility

By establishing close working relationships with all of our partners and clients, we’re able to understand their changing needs and demands and rapidly meet them via extensive training programmes, innovation and investment.

Our trusted reputation

Clients trust Keltbray because of our proven track-record of successfully delivering projects to a high standard, safely, on time, within budget and with care for the environment and our communities. We approach every project as a partnership, providing expertise and a desire to make the project succeed.

Our broad and deep expertise

Keltbray has an impressively broad and deep range of expertise. This means that we are uniquely positioned to meet the needs of diverse and complex projects by offering both stand-alone and fully integrated services. Our specialist in-house contracting services work together to overcome any challenge.

Our commitment to people

We help our people to lead happy, healthy and fulfilled lives by offering continuous training, the best health and safety possible, and a positive and supportive working environment that is second to none. To achieve our ‘zero accidents’ ambition, we believe that health, safety, wellbeing and training must go hand-in-hand. We are proud of our dedicated, in-house Health & Wellbeing business and our Training division, which boasts three training and assessment centres that are inspected on behalf of Ofsted.

Our drive to be pioneers

We lead change in the industry, whether it be innovating to overcome new challenges, developing and sharing best practices, or pushing standards higher to change the image of construction and set the bar for sustainability. We are leading the way in making the construction industry a modern, sustainable and attractive career choice.

Our in-house capabilities

We are the only company in the sector to have a specialist in-house training division as well as our own plant and haulage business. Our in-house capability, from engineering and design to delivery and training, focuses our business on excellence and providing value to our clients.