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The Accounts Payable Team and P2P teams are working proactively with the supply chain members to resolve disputes and to minimise the volume of non-compliant invoices.

Keltbray have conducted a thorough review of the entire P2P process and continue to do so in a drive for continuous improvement. Keltbray have continued investment in:

  • Development of ERP – Group On-Boarding Team and introduction of electronic on-boarding has minimised delays in account set up and compliance
  • Introduction of dedicated delivery processing team to identify and resolve any potential issues before the invoice is submitted. The team use supplier portals where available to speed up the process and those suppliers without a portal are encouraged to use a dedicated email address to ensure rapid receipt
  • Proactive drive to encourage suppliers to trade electronically, reducing manual processing times, driving efficiencies and minimising the potential for disputed items which can cause delays in payment
  • Introduction of a Process Integration Manager with overview of the entire P2P process, tasked with identifying bottlenecks and developing processes in order to reduce queries and speed up payment

Keltbray will report to its Internal Audit Committee quarterly statistics in the same format as those that are submitted to the Government bi-annually to drive Improvement in paying their supply chain on time.


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