Key Projects | London Bridge Station Roof

Project Scope

The London Bridge Station roof removal project was undertaken to facilitate completion of the Shard development and formed the first stage of the new Station re-development project. The station roof adjoining the Shard was replaced by a new glass roof above the main station concourse including the bus station and gateline which were completely reconfigured as enabling work for the re-modelling of the existing station, this was to provide a 21st century entrance into one of London’s busiest stations.
Keltbray’s scope of work was to sequentially remove the existing space frame roof and associated supporting columns once the new glass roof had been constructed above.  These works were undertaken with the main constraint of not disrupting the station day-to-day operations in what proved to be a very technical & logistically challenging project.
Working within weekend engineering hours Keltbray established protected working zones within the station areas with temporary hoardings and then erected mobile scaffolds within to access the roof structures. With the assistance of MEWPs the Nodus roof sections were dismantled and lowered to the ground for removal from site.

Project Challenge and Solutions

Maintaining the waterproof integrity of the station - the new roof had had to be constructed above the old Nodus roof before de construction could commence. This meant  working in a restricted  space at high level without the use of cranes.  The roof had to therefore be de-constructed in small sections working from below using MEWPs and mobile tower scaffolds for access. Working hour restrictions - Each section of roof  (there were six in all) was taken down in a weekend possession period agreed with Network Rail with a section of the station concourse being closed off  from Friday night through to Monday morning. All the work to take out a roof section including erecting and taking down access scaffold  and  temporary works had be completed in the short working window such that the station  could be fully operational come the Monday morning rush hour. Extensive pre works planning were carried out with Network Rail and the project team to ensure maximum productivity during the possession periods.
  • Facts
  • Client : Sellars Property Group
  • Location : London
  • Value : £1.2m
  • Scope : Removal of existing space frame roof above live station concourse. Installation of temporary works to facilitate removal. Engineering works undertaken during wekend and evening rail possession periods agreed with Network Rail.