Key Projects | London Bridge Station

Project Scope

As part of the upgrade to London Bridge Station Keltbray Environmental Solutions were employed to remove both non-notifiable and notifiable asbestos containing materials (ACM’s) from the existing structures, London Underground work and staff areas and station common parts open to the public.
The ACM’s removed included Cellactite, flash guards, floor tiles, cement panels, flange gaskets, cement debris, rope/woven debris, insulation board panels, debris and fire breaks from numerous locations in and around the live station.
ACM removal works were also required to enable the dismantling of the existing Nodus roof structure as rope gaskets and seals had to be removed from the roof skylights under controlled conditions before the main roof structure could be dismantled. The removal of these items was carried out alongside Keltbray in a very tightly controlled and engineered sequence due to the fact that the redundant station roof encapsulated the entire station environment.

Project Challenge and Solutions

Live Station Environment – London Bridge Station remained live and operational throughout the upgrade enabling works. In order to ensure that all staff and station users were protected at all times from the ongoing works very careful planning and sequencing was developed between Keltbray Environmental Solutions, Keltbray and Network Rail. In addition robust segregation of working areas and of the subsequent waste removal was practised. Restricted Working Hours – Whilst some of the ACM removal works could be carried out during normal working hours with the careful segregation mentioned above some of the works including the Nodus roof removal had to be carried out during ‘engineering hours’ and weekend possessions and as such the removal of the ACM’s within these short time windows had to be precisely planned and executed in order to achieve the critical path delivery required by Network Rail
  • Facts
  • Client : Costain
  • Location : London
  • Value : £250,000