Key Projects | Magnox, Bradwell

Project Scope

Commissioned in 1961, Bradwell Power Station was the first commercial Magnox nuclear power station in the UK. Located in the South East of England, one and a half miles from the Essex coastline, the twin Magnox reactor, is now undergoing decommissioning following shutdown in March 2002 after 40 years of operation.
Following a rigorous tendering process the Doosan Keltbray Consortium were successful in winning a place on the £304m Magnox framework for the de-planting, demolition and bulk asbestos removal across ten nuclear reactor sites in the UK.
As part of the framework, the Consortium secured the contract to facilitate the deplanting of the boiler houses at Bradwell. This included the deplanting of two boiler houses, which are nine storeys high and each containing three main vessels and associated pipework, plant and equipment. It also included the removal of dust and debris from the walkway grilles, asbestos residue from the pipework and behind paint on the hand rails. Asbestos debris was also removed from the cable trays and from plant and fixings behind and affixed to the bio-shield wall.
The works were located within the Radiological Controlled Areas and so undertaken in accordance with the Ionising Radiations Regulations.
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  • Location : North, Midlands & South