Sectors|Heavy Industry & Petrochemical Decommissioning

Heavy Industry & Petrochemical Decommissioning

We understand the special requirements when it comes to working within safety critical industries and are experts on working within constrained environments, delivering a range of services including large scale dismantling, deconstruction, decontamination, site clearance, asbestos removal, deplanting, salvage, and demolition works (including explosive techniques).

Our wealth of knowledge and expertise combined with a highly trained and motivated in-house workforce and the latest technologies in plant and equipment mean we can execute projects within safety critical industries in a safe and sustainable manner.

Examples include the demolition of a flare stack and two furnaces at St Fergus Gas Terminal in Aberdeenshire for Total E&P UK and the decommissioning of cement plants, including rotary kilns, pre-heater towers, precipitators and other associated plant for CEMEX UK.

Our safety performance is of utmost importance throughout the company and key to all our projects and we work with all parties to ensure the highest standards are met.

Our commitment to training and maintaining a directly employed labour force enables us to provide qualified and experienced people for all aspects of any work undertaken.