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Remediation experiences

Keltbray has experience of providing remediation and enabling works packages since 1976.  Over this time we have successfully addressed a range of contaminants and obstacles to development including (but not limited to):

  • Organic contaminants (fuel oils, solvents, tars etc.)
  • Asbestos in soil;
  • Heavy metals;
  • Inorganic contaminants (cyanide, arsenic etc.); and
  • Physical contaminants (rubbish, obstructions, glass etc.)

In terms of former uses, we have experience of remediating:

  • Landfill,
  • Gas works,
  • Power stations,
  • Chemical works,
  • Tar works,
  • Former fuel sites,
  • Garages and Scrap Yards,
  • In-filled Canals and Wharfs plus many others.