Strategic Focus

Keltbray’s goal is to be the best in our sector and everything we do.

This means delivering projects safely, efficiently, to high standard, on time and budget. We do this with care for the environment, to the benefit of our customers, employees and the communities we serve, and in accordance with our defined values:

Experience & Expertise

Keltbray draws on vast experience and expertise in the design, delivery and management of projects. This expertise resides within the company and has been developed over decades through the delivery of successful projects and the investment in equipment, training and development of a body of knowledge to ensure our projects are managed efficiently by our people.

Reliability & Delivery

Keltbray has a proven track record for successfully delivering projects. We recognise that programme assurance, the delivery of quality projects to budget and agreed timescales are vital to our clients. Our reliability is the result of the careful planning applied to all projects, combined with our substantial internal resources that ensure efficient delivery.

Quality of Service

Keltbray strives to provide the highest quality of service. We achieve this by recruiting the best people, and ensuring they are developed to their full potential through training and development. We also have the best equipment, BSI accredited management systems and engage actively with our clients to meet and exceed their expectations.


Keltbray is a progressive company focused on continuous improvements in terms of performance, including cost efficiency, timescales, programme development, health, safety, quality and environment. Keltbray employs a vast number of people who are able to use our body of knowledge and lessons learns to analyse projects and develop solutions to drive innovation and make it best practice.


‘Can Do’ Attitude With Intention To Deliver

We recognise that our clients want solutions and are proud of our peoples’ determination to facilitate these through their ‘can do attitude’ and resolve to understand and overcome project challenges. We are proactive and work with our clients to solve many of these challenges upfront to ensure the successful delivery of the project from start to finish.


We adopt a professional approach to all aspects of our work and employ a raft of highly experienced and well qualified people from a range of different disciplines. We encourage our people to continue their personal and professional development through training and professional memberships to ensure they stay abreast in terms of innovation and knowledge relating to their fields of expertise.

Health & Safety

We believe everybody has the right to return home safely after every working day. Health and safety is our priority across every aspect of the business, and we plan, design, and manage all that we do safely. We are committed to embedding a culture of safety through a behavioural programme working with our clients, which has been extended to our supply chain.


Projects are a human undertaking that require open, honest communication and trust between all parties. At Keltbray we work hard to establish, build and maintain relationships with all members of a project team, including clients and other contractors, to encourage a positive and collaborative approach to maximise the potential of those involved.
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We put our clients first by being proactive, anticipating their problems and by providing integrated services and solutions. We establish and maintain close relationships by building trust and promoting openness and respect through careful planning, teamwork and communication As a result, we keep in-step with the needs and concerns of our customers and partners and develop long term, and mutually beneficial relationships. This means reduced wastage costs, improved profitability and has given rise to a large proportion of repeat business.