Job Purpose

The Remediation Assistant Project Manager (APM) is a project critical role. The principal role of the SA is to ensure the delivery of all operational tasks and undertake all operational functions within the remit of the project. The APM role is an appointment, so will be fulfilled by an individual undertaking another role; i.e. Senior Scientist, Contracts Manager, Quantity Surveyor.

The principal role of the SA is for ensuring HSQE compliance across the project in coordination with the Site Manager. They are responsible for the execution of individual tasks and they will report key information to the PM at the set regular intervals including but not limited to; programme updated, weekly progress reports, HSQE events etc. They will coordinate with the WM to ensure the effect management and timely ordering / procurement, of personnel, plant, equipment, tool, welfare and materials that are required for their projects, in line with the commercial allowances and the PMs direction. They should be aware of the risks and opportunities, key constraints, operational resource requirements, operational considerations, programme, compliance and client needs.


Primary Tasks and Duties

Responsibility for operational functions, the Assistant Project Manager will be expected to have an upto date appreciation of;

  • HSQE performance and issues.
  • Performance against programme.
  • Key operational risks and opportunities.
  • Project operational drivers, needs and issues.
  • Clear understanding of the fundamental project objectives.
  • Clear conceptual understanding of the project method/strategy.
  • Key contract milestones.
  • Site team cohesion and functionality (in collaboration with the Site Manager).
  • Contract basis/type and an outline understanding of what constitutes a variation/compensation event to the contract works.