Engineering positions with Keltbray Group!

Are you an engineer looking to contribute your expertise to flagship projects, working alongside a dynamic and supportive team? Keltbray Group invites talented professionals to join us in shaping the future of construction.

1️⃣ **Setting Out Engineer:**
Precision is your forte. As a Setting Out Engineer, you’ll lay the groundwork for our flagship projects. Your attention to detail ensures our structures are not just solid but exceptional.

2️⃣ **Site Engineer:**
Our construction sites are your canvas. Site Engineers experienced in temporary works play a pivotal role in our team. You’ll coordinate complex structures, ensuring safety and efficiency in every project.

3️⃣ **Project Engineer:**
Innovation drives us forward. Project Engineers lead the charge on cut & carve projects, reshaping existing structures with creativity. Your strategic thinking and problem-solving skills are vital to our success.

Join our collaborative team, where expertise meets ambition. At Keltbray Group, we offer an environment where your skills flourish, and you contribute to projects that redefine industry standards.

To explore these opportunities,  send your CV to [email protected].

Let’s engineer greatness together!