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Keltbray is a leading construction engineering specialist. We offer fully integrated delivery of complex projects featuring innovative engineering solutions across key building and infrastructure sectors.
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stdClass Object ( [data] => Array ( [0] => stdClass Object ( [caption] => Keltbray is thrilled to announce our new Technical Services capability, aimed at facilitating the safe re-use of current buildings and infrastructure. Collaborating with our in-house design teams within our Wentworth House Partnership, we provide an extensive array of technical solutions, empowering our clients to prolong the life and repurpose existing structures that might otherwise face demolition. Our technical offerings encompass surveys, material sampling, structural testing, design support, and structural reinforcement, with our dedicated team of technical professionals providing tailored solutions for intricate challenges, addressing longstanding defects to widespread building and infrastructure redevelopment. Find out more about our Technical Services (link in bio). #construction #structuralengineering #designengineering #circulareconomy #sustainabledevelopment [id] => 17974658612339461 [media_type] => IMAGE [media_url] => [permalink] => [timestamp] => 2023-09-12T12:26:26+0000 [username] => keltbraygroup ) [1] => stdClass Object ( [caption] => Did you catch our appearance last week? Keltbray's Project Manager, Paul Simpson, and Construction Manager, David Sidney, generously volunteered their time for True Colours in Wallsend, as seen last Wednesday on the BBC One show 'DIY SOS: The Big Build.' Their efforts played a crucial role in the amazing transformation of the performing arts school. 🌟🏗 #CommunityMatters #DIYSOS #SocialValue [id] => 18279675841151336 [media_type] => IMAGE [media_url] => [permalink] => [timestamp] => 2023-09-06T16:17:33+0000 [username] => keltbraygroup ) [2] => stdClass Object ( [caption] => Explore Kelbtray's 2 Aldermanbury Square (2AS) project on behalf of @GPE_London. Embodying circularity and social value throughout. Find out more on our website in News & Media. #sustainability #circulareconomy #steelreuse #demolitionandcivils #constructionengineering #socialvalue [id] => 18002788598006124 [media_type] => VIDEO [media_url] => [permalink] => [thumbnail_url] => [timestamp] => 2023-09-05T11:00:30+0000 [username] => keltbraygroup ) ) [paging] => stdClass Object ( [cursors] => stdClass Object ( [before] => QVFIUngwX1lLRVJRcUJYaDJYdEs1M0NHdTkzVjhlbnBVUXpfWXJPejVIVDNROFNkOG05Q2p4RWVyancyaC10eVdTQzhWdTYxZAzhianNWbHFGSEF5OVZAKVkN3 [after] => QVFIUldWSFpnNUxIbDU4dE5CQXFUUEk0ZAU02bV84ZAVE4M24zWmhWbzlaelVzSGNDZAFQzcGhnTURqN2ltWjFveVpqMTZA6cFRiUmhuNl95cXYyUzZAHUzdWM0JR ) [next] => ) )