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Keltbray is a leading construction engineering specialist. We offer fully integrated delivery of complex projects featuring innovative engineering solutions across key building and infrastructure sectors.
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stdClass Object ( [data] => Array ( [0] => stdClass Object ( [caption] => In a major milestone for Keltbray, today we announced we have been awarded a £10m renewables contract to deliver the design and construction of a windfarm connection for SSEN Transmission at Limekiln, Caithness in the Highlands of Scotland. The project will be delivered by Keltbray as Principal Contractor and the scope includes all civil and electrical design and build elements associated with the connection. Find out more at the link in our bio! #energy #renewables #projects #success [id] => 17963285746678538 [media_type] => IMAGE [media_url] => [permalink] => [timestamp] => 2022-05-31T08:56:04+0000 [username] => keltbrayholdings ) [1] => stdClass Object ( [caption] => Keltbray is proud to be sponsoring the fantastic fundraising appeal. The tractor run will start in London, 24th April and arrive in Cong, Co. Mayo Ireland on the 30th April. All funds raised will be going to Cancer Fund for Children’s Capital Appeal to build Daisy Lodge in Cong, Co. Mayo Ireland. This is a respite centre for children with cancer which needs full fundraising. All donations big or small are welcome, details about how to support are at the link in our bio! #fundraising #tractorrun #ireland [id] => 18293952238051847 [media_type] => VIDEO [media_url] => [permalink] => [thumbnail_url] => [timestamp] => 2022-04-19T17:29:52+0000 [username] => keltbrayholdings ) [2] => stdClass Object ( [caption] => Yesterday Keltbray's Executive Chairman and Owner, Brendan Kerr, was awarded an honorary doctorate from Ulster University. When accepting the prestigious accolade, Brendan said, "I am truly privileged and humbled to accept this honorary doctoral degree from the University of Ulster. I am acutely aware of the incredible academic rigour, the quality of learning, and the enriching experiences gained through an education with the University of Ulster. As a native of Northern Ireland myself, I have seen first-hand the growth and development of this incredible academic institution, and the significant contributions that your graduates of the past have made to this country and far beyond. I am honoured to share the stage with all of you today as graduates of the University of Ulster, and I truly appreciate the University for conferring this honorary doctorate degree upon me, I will forever wear it with pride and humility and allow it to serve as a testament to the value of contributing to our communities and society, and indeed serving in a proud profession with commitment and compassion." Huge congratulations to Brendan for this incredible achievement! [id] => 17889926831533235 [media_type] => IMAGE [media_url] => [permalink] => [timestamp] => 2022-04-01T17:29:05+0000 [username] => keltbrayholdings ) ) [paging] => stdClass Object ( [cursors] => stdClass Object ( [before] => QVFIUnVDWUxqaEdHS1VJdThkbDZA5Rkg2aG1ici1yTkVxV2VNM05TS2o0b2ZATSl9MQVpvdEh3aWZAPS1huempxQndmLWExdGQteUljX3ZAZAN2ZAKUFpjVThQY0tn [after] => QVFIUkF2bFR5M1NMemE5RW5vWGtONTg1YWszUkhtb1NEYWE3clVENFY4anNFUVh3dkFqQXpxSnVRNmtvNFVBdHhRdGxkVE5lWi1RWlY5dTVySC02M3MxTmdB ) [next] => ) )